June 22, 2017 (KickAss.Domains) Though we’re almost halfway through 2017, it’s still important to stay current with what’s converting leads into sales on social media platforms.  Most of the predictions laid out in January are holding true, and the nature of marketing on social media accurately is moving increasingly towards live, interactive content that’s more than just a graphic with a headline.

Here are the 3 top social media marketing trends to pay attention to for the rest of this year:

1. Live Video

Live Video was all the rage once it was rolled out in 2016 – and brands are leveraging its power for connecting with customers.  Today, Live Video is instrumental for marketing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  If you’re not using Live Video but your competition is, then you’re falling behind the mark.  Plus, Facebook favors Live Video, overriding its algorithm to present your Live Video content to new people.

2. Augmented and Virtual Reality

Did you know Facebook has a Facebook app just meant for AR and VR content?  VR is where the world is heading, expecting the industry to grow twentyfold by 2020.  360-photos and videos of real estate listings and vacation spots are what’s dominating entertainment and hospitality industries.  If you haven’t’ considered providing a more immersive view of your operation and marketing contacts, definitely give it a shot.

3. Giveaways

With the rise of Instagram, we’re seeing the increasing importance of using Influencers, people with a commanding presence on social media, to giveaway free products as a way to lure consumers in.  It’s become mandatory, if you provide services or products, to host some kind of free giveaway using social media celebrities for leveraging your brand recognition.

Consider incorporating these three marketing tactics before 2017 wraps up.  If you don’t, your competition will start to outshine your digital presence.


Writer: Alexandra R Fasulo