Kickass.Domains Offers eListings For Business

ST. LOUIS, MO: (KickAss.Domains) –  Making sure your business has a consistent look across all online directories is something that our eListings platform can help you manage. Many directories across the internet are automatically done for you and more often than not the information listed is incorrect.  How do you get them all corrected or even find the ones that are incorrect?  eListings!

With our program we can get you listed correctly in 65 – 70 of the major online directories all across the internet.  With our enhanced listings, you will be attracting more traffic in directories such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp and many more.  It can take a business owner hours or even days to correctly get 1 online directory so imagine trying to keep up with 65 – 70 directories.  The answer is eListings, so let us show you how to get maximum exposure and get noticed.

We are not endorsing violence by any stretch of the imagination, but we do want to get the word out that in business somebody will win new customers and others will loose customers.  If you are not kickin’ some ass, somebody is kickin’ your ass and you might not even know it.

Again, our message is “It’s YOUR Online Directories; don’t take a lickin’, do some ASS KICKIN’!  Meaning, don’t loose to anybody in business.  New customers is increasingly difficult to attract so when you have one, you want to keep them.  You have to be tough, resilient and aggressive.  Most successful businesses we know in this market have a significant online exposure/visibility.

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