SEO Hosting Services – more than just hosting!

Very little is referenced about how important a superior website hosting plan is to your search engine rankings.  We are not sure why it is that way, but we intent on providing a better hosting environment that enhances performance and security.

Our SEO HOSTING packages includes all the necessary benefits to being found online.  After all, isn’t that why most businesses have a website; is to be found online?  Of course it is!  However, the biggest and most common mistakes made are business owners choosing a CHEAP hosting plan.

There are a lot of dangers that exist with hosting plans.   We will outline things to consider when you are deciding on who to host your website with:

Speed or website load time – the faster your website loads the higher you will rank in search engine search results.  Several things affect your website load time, size and server configuration, number of websites hosted on the same server (assuming you are using a shared hosting package, which most are) mobile configuration of your website, reputation of server IP address and much more.  However, we will outline the critical issues.

If your website is not configured and optimized for mobile, it will not rank well in search results.  The major search engines force this requirement on website owners because more than 80% of all searches are performed on a mobile device.  Therefore, for the search engines to enhance a visitors experience mobile optimization is critical.  A book could be written on this topic alone.

Indexing site with search engines – as part of our SEO hosting plans we will submit your website to the major search engines, including, Google, Bing and Yandex.  We do this to help assure that your website is properly indexed and for additional security of our server because they scan websites that are included in Webmaster Tools for malicious files, which in turn helps to protect your website as well as our server.

Website Security -in addition to the major search engines, you need top-rated security to protect you from somebody hacking your website.  A hacker can penetrate your site and send massive amounts of spam out without you even knowing it.  In the process, the major search engines will discover this and view your website as a spam site without your knowledge.  Additionally, they can even remove your website from their database and not show your website in search results completely destroying your online reputation.

We take several steps to assure that our SEO hosting helps rank your website as high as possible as well as protect your website from these unethical people.  Our partners to help provide this SEO hosting services are:

  • GoDaddy – Dedicated server with 32 GB of ram and 2 TB of storage and unlimited bandwidth.
  • cPanel – this is a must in the hosting world.
  • Google – We index all sites hosted with us in our Webmaster Tools to enhance performance, indexing and security.
  • Bing – We index all sites hosted with us in our Webmaster tools to enhance performance, indexing and security.
  • Yandex – We index all sites hosted with us in our Webmaster tools to enhance performance, indexing and security.
  • Proprietary Security Scanner (CW) – scans our sever and every website hosted on our servers for malicious files
  • Non-Disclosed Security (AIO) – prevents hackers from entering our sites
  • WPMUDev – we use premium plugins that optimizes images, security hardener, speed optimization and regular backups of your website for superior recovery procedures if things to go bad, which they occasionally do in the world wide web.
  • Statcounter – you will get traffic reports every Monday morning showing details of your online visitors, how many there were and where they came from so you can accurate evaluate how effective your advertising dollars are being spent.

As an option for enhanced speed and security we off a top-rated CDN (content delivery network).  It is a must for eCommerce sites, sites with a large amount of content and to optimize for mobile.

This topic far exceeds the scope of an article or blog post.  If you are looking for a better or even the best hosting experience visit KickAss.Domains or call Marty at (314) 808-1870.