Online Business Reviews are part of our society – embrace them and learn from them!

Online Business Reviews are a touchy topic for many business owners.  Many think consumers post negative reviews in attempt to gain something or that they are treated as hate attacks.

Online reviews are here to stay and in this tough and competitive economic environment the business owner that puts his/her head in the sand and ignores them do so at the risk of their own success.  Denial is a terrible approach to solving problems.

Not monitoring online reviews is probably one of the most common mistakes that business owners are making today.  Having said that, my personal experience is that the truly successful business owners that do embrace online reviews are successful because they truly care about the customer.

Another common mistake made is that business owners will approach employees and buy their bull___t claiming that the customer is lying or it didn’t happen as the customer wrote, etc.  Employees don’t like reviews because it is indirectly attempting to hold them accountable.  Do not think for one minute that an employee is going to be honest about a negative review.  They don’t care if the customer is unhappy or they wouldn’t have created the problem in the first place.

We have two restaurants that have terrible reviews and they ignore them constantly, but they constantly struggle to keep customers coming back.  The negative reviews are not about the quality of their cuisines, they are about their service.  They will not hold employees accountable and if they do follow up on reviews they will believe the employee even after dozens of negative reviews making the same complaint from various customers.  Wrong, wrong, wrong!

Reviews are actually part of the metric used by major search engines that decide how to rank a website.  Therefore, if all things are equal between you and your competitor, great products, great location, websites are equal with similar visibility scores, the business with the best reviews will more than likely rank higher. Everything with search engines is about relevancy.

Nonetheless, online reviews are here to stay.  You can either ignore them or embrace them.  Our opinion is, if you ignore them, you will loose more customers than you gain, however, if you embrace them and use them to monitor your staff and learn new and improved strategies for effectively communicating with your customers, you will get more customers than you loose resulting in a growing business.

Take it for what it is worth.  Our advice, hire a professional to monitor your online business reviews and be aggressive at improving you local image and your success will reach new heights.

Call KickAss.Domains today.  Our name comes from the approach of being aggressive at controlling and profiting from your online presence.