KickAss.Domains Offers Premium Proprietary Website Hosting!

ST. LOUIS, MO: (KickAss.Domains) – Does your website need to load faster, be more SEO friendly, and be bot friendly for the search engines?  If so, you need to look no further, because at KickAss.Domains we can provide you with our premium proprietary website hosting plan to solve these issues.  

Designed with 32GB of RAM, unlimited bandwidth, routine backups, Sitelock security, and over 3TB of storage, this will allow your website to function the way it should.  Our servers act much like a Virtual Private Server but at a fraction of the cost as our competitors. We also include 24/7/365 day monitoring on your website so we make sure your website is always available.  Moving to our premium proprietary website hosting will also help your Search Engine Optimization with faster load times.

We are not endorsing violence by any stretch of the imagination, but we do want to get the word out that in business somebody will win new customers and others will loose customers.  If you are not kickin’ some ass, somebody is kickin’ your ass and you might not even know it.

Again, our message is “It’s YOUR Website Hosting; don’t take a lickin’, do some ASS KICKIN’!  Meaning, don’t loose to anybody in business.  New customers is increasingly difficult to attract so when you have one, you want to keep them.  You have to be tough, resilient and aggressive.  Most successful businesses we know in this market have a significant online exposure/visibility.

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