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We offer links and information resource to help you determine your websites performance.  All tools are considered to be a reliable source of information that can be relied upon.  All test are free for your use.

Managing a website is not as easy as many website hosting companies and web designer would have you to believe.  It is time consuming and to do it right requires a lot of tools.  With properly configuring your hosting, fast hosting and monitoring for errors there is no way for you to know if your website is working at the capacity that it needs to function to do what it is designed to do; bring you new business.

One of the best kept secrets among the truly talented web designers and hosting companies are “speed”.  The faster your website loads the better it will perform in organic search results.  Shared hosting is costing business website owners billions in lost revenues, but the hosting companies are getting richer every time a website owners buys the service.

We offer hosting so most of this could be interpreted as “self-serving”, but cheap website hosting will cost you much more than you save.  Don’t be fooled.  Visit with professionals that know hosting.  We own content rich website and we realize how important fast website are to your online success.

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