Kick-Ass Domains provides website hosting, web design, SEO and access to top-rated CDN for STLRestaurant.News

June 10, 2017 – Our online publication, STLRestaurant.News celebrates its one year anniversary with more than 600 published restaurant related articles/reviews about restaurants in the St. Louis area.

KickAss.Domains and STLRestaurant.News are affiliated with St. Louis Media, LLC.  KickAss Domains provides the web design and Kick-Ass web hosting services.  Our servers are state-of-the-art for the fastest loading times.  Additionally, Kick-Ass Domains provides website security using SiteLock and a proprietary tool for scanning our websites hosted on our server for malicious files that can be uploaded or injected in a variety of methods that can destroy a websites search engine rankings.

Additionally, we provide access to the CDN which adds to our security and performance for the best consumers experience when visiting STLRestaurant.News.  We can provide the same service to your business for top search engine rankings while enhancing your visitors experience.

Additionally, Kick-Ass Domains provides website hosting and CDN service to STL.News and STLRealEstate.News.  Therefore, Kick-Ass Domains provides kick-ass website hosting and CDN to three news sites that are all three aggregated by Google News, Bing News and Apple News.  Additionally, STL.News and STLRealEstate.News are news publishers for AP or also known as The Associated Press.

Combining the products and services offered by KickAss Domains, including website hosting, web design, SEO and CDN (content delivery network) you can’t go wrong doing business with KickAss.Domains.  We can build top-rated business websites as well as news sites that businesses can use to turn your advertising expense into a revenue generator.  Call us for more details!


We cannot over-emphasize how important website hosting is to the success of your online experience.

Cheap hosting plans lack speed and security.  Without speed your website will not load fast, especially on mobile devices.  The most common destroyer of website rankings is slow website load time.  Second is malicious files being injected to a website without the knowledge of the website owner.  We have seen business get blacklisted by the search engines and not rank at all because somebody had hacked their website and used it to inject phishing files into their site using it to spam consumers to hide their identity.  Totally killed that businesses online visibility without them even knowing it.

We not only host, we provide high-speed servers, security and constant monitoring for malicious files on all websites as well as our servers to assure the best security for everybody concerned.

For Marty for more details at 417-529-1133.