Local Directory Listings Attract Local Customers

Local directory listings are an excellent strategy to attract local customers.  Many consumers use the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp and many more to help them find the local businesses that they want to do business with.  Most of these consumers take into consideration online reviews.  If they take the time to use the directories, most of them will take the time to research the reviews.  We offer a few local directories as well as many national online directories to list our customers in for maximum online visibility.

Our local proprietary directories are:

  • STL.Directory
  • DineOutSTL.com
  • MOBev.Directory
  • STLRealEstate.Directory

In addition to our proprietary directory listings we offer our eListings program that will claim, enhance and republish 72 online directory listings including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, YP, White Pages and many more.  In-bounds links to your website from these major online directories is critical in your online presence and can add a substantial amount of traffic to your website.  It is a process and does take time, but the cost is well worth the time and/or cost.

To summarize; online directory listings are critical to high search engine rankings.  An aggressive SEO program always incorporates a solid link building strategy in place to help consumers, as well as the search engines find and crawl a website.  You will benefit from a higher search engine ranking and increased traffic utilizing online directory listings.

Business directories have been around for years.  In fact, YP or Yellow Pages is nothing more than a comprehensive directory.  The biggest difference is that now directories are online and more frequently used because they are easily accessible from anywhere on consumers mobile devices.

This marketing strategy is critical and we can control your most valuable online listings with ease with our eListings program and our local proprietary directories listed herein.

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